Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aussie Curves Time Saver

Well here we are again at the end of the Aussie Curves blogging week. This week's theme is Time Saver.
I have to admit that , like many other women, I feel quite time poor. Life is a little less hectic with grown children but I still have to be at work by 8 4 days a week and the other day I am still AT work at 8. So saving time getting ready for work makes life feel manageable.
So here are my tips:
1. Have a basic uniform to vary for work clothes. For me that means usually black basic shell with colourful top layer. Not always but it is a go to when I need not to think
2. Plan what you are going to wear the day before and get it out. ( I don't always follow my own advice but I wish I did )
3. minimal hair bother. I am lucky to have naturally curly hair. I fought it for a long time but now I embrace the curl. I know it can look wild and unruly at times. That's because it is. So, after washing I apply some antifrizz stuff, scrunch my hair and let it dry naturally. This is the most time saving thing I can do and I like my hair curly.
So to demonstrate my tips, here we go. I am using my basic ASOS body con Tshirt dress and styling 3 ways.
asos dress and cardi from Autograph summer 2012. Necklace Lovisa.
Shoes from Evans of course.
I would wear this to work or to dinner.
Same dress and shoes but jacket from city chic.I love this outfit for work. No necklace here bacause the sun was getting low and I had to save time but a red chunky one would be the order of the day.
natural waves in hair. No fuss
For a more casual look I have the same dress but this time with boots from this year's Autograph range and the jacket also from Autograph. Military style ponti jacket. I think I will get a lot of casual wear from this if it ever gets cold enough
The sun was in my eyes but it was nice that it was there for the pics.
Check out the other Aussie curvettes and their time saving tips. We all need them.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Aussie Curves Heels

Well as usual I am getting in on the last minute.But I couldn't miss out on the topic of heels.
I must admit I look at the heels my daughters wear in awe. I don't think I EVER wore heels like that. Being ballet trained for so long they have wonderful core strength and walk in heels as if they are gliding. I, however, have flat  and wide feet and am lucky to find shoes that fit at all. Very few of the shoes that fit me are heels.
But then, through Aussie Curves, I found Evans shoes. And there are now many more opportunities for wide footed friends.

But first, Let's pay homage to these beauties.
These are from Kumfs. Before they became Ziera. And I love them. They are not very high but I think they are funky and they ask for attention whenever I wear them.
Don't you love the heels? They are shapely but stable so I can work all day and party all night in them.
Now to introduce my first pair of Evans heels.
I am not the only Aussie Curvette to own these shoes. Banana heel shoes with glitter toe caps.
And heels just the right height.
They are my go to heels for photo shoots and have featured in many posts. I will stay loyal but there are a couple of newbies on the block jostling for my attention.
Like these.
My first ever pair of nude heels. 
Again Evans and they are not as high as they look because of the front platform. I can see these going with quite a few outfits all year round.

 All together now. 
But wait, there is more.
I do already have 3 pairs of boots but Then I tried on these babies and I really think I need boots with heels.  I haven't had a pair with heels since I was 19! That was a long time ago.
So they came home with me this week and are claiming their place.
We are dubbing them the bossy boots. They are going to be fun!

Don't forget to check out the heels on the other curvette's pages. And see you again soon with time savers.