Saturday, March 30, 2013

Aussie Curves Bodycon

Well this week is proof that the Aussie Curves challenge is meeting its goals. When I first started participating there would have been no way I would consider wearing a body hugging dress to show off every lump and bump in my generous figure. I saw Bodycon on the list early on and thought they have got to be kidding.
But change can happen. And my fashion style has definitely changed. I am getting used to the idea that wearing loose clothes doesnt necessarily hide anything you want to hide but closer fitting clothes have the effect of showing some of the curves that you actually like on your body.

I bought a bodycon peplum dress in the ASOS sale for this week. It has hung in my wardrobe for 2 months waiting for the right time. It was like this one but without the feathers. I guess if it has hung in my wardrobe that long there is a message that it is just not for me. I love the cut of the top helpf but the skirt is a little too tight and too short for my knees which are not the best part of me.

So try again.
Imagine my delight when I saw some bloggers showing a beautiful Scarlett and Jo dress for Evans. It was available in cobalt blue and red and now comes in softer spring colours.
I stalked that site until they were finally available online. And paid full price!
No regrets. I just LOVE this dress. Cant wait for the cooler weather so I can wear it out.

The dress is made of thick ponte and is as warm as wearing a fleecy tracksuit. It will be great in winter. It has power mesh lining to help your curves stay in place. The sleeves are part of the dress . Dont you love the shape of the black sides? They lend shape to my apple figure and give the illusion of a waist.

It looks lovely with a wide belt as well but belts are next week's theme,
Not sure if the new colours are made from the same material or something a little lighter seeing that they are from the spring range. I would like a lighter option but only so that I can wear this dress now. Every day. I am in love.
So check out the other lovely Aussie Curvettes. Body Con is a surprisingly good theme

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aussie Curves Retro inspired

This week's theme is Retro. At first I got all OCD and started researching individual decades for inspiration but I decided retro is not the same as vintage. It is fashion inspired by looking back to fashions and styles that are classic or that remind you of a different time in your life or a feeling. The series Mad Men is my inspiration as well as my memories of my aunt's fashion style when I was a child in the 60s. Oh yes, I was a CHILD in the 60's.
So a pencil skirt with a polka dot jumper and a belt it is. I love the bright pink of this top from Big W, They went more for pastels in the 60s but I like bright.
This is a bit washed out because the photographer forgot to set her white balance properly but it seems more like a 70s colour photo so it just adds to the retro theme.
My new cats eye glasses just match the retro feels dont you think? I had a pair of blue cats eye glasses when I was a little girl. Didnt love them quite as much as I love these ones.

Skirt TS 14 plus, top Big W, Belt Autograph Shoes Evans , pearls from my 21st birthday
 Pardon the belt slip. That wasnt supposed to happen.
just for laughs.
Thanks for reading. I do think I will actually wear this to work when the weather gets cooler. Could be fun.
This is a blog hop and we are loving the retro look so check them out.