Sunday, October 20, 2013

Aussie curves pink (and stripes)

I was a bit distracted last week. What with deciding to put my house on the market and needing to do a serious declutter and clean and so stripes week completely passed me by. But more about that later.
This week on Aussie curves is pink week. 
Last year for pink week I had a dess in mind but I couldn't find it. Turns out I had packed away some summer dresses and it was hiding. But now that we are truly in the hot weather my summer clothes are out and my pink dress has been found.
This is mt lovely Michael Kors dress from macys. I probably bought it almost exactly 12 months ago at the Columbus Day sales. So this little number was already reduced to half price from $150 and then that weekend sale stock was 75% off it's marked price. You read right. So this little number came down to $18.75! Gotta love a bargain.
It's great for work and easy to wash and wear . I get compliments every time I wear it. And I have a little smile at my designer bargain.

But wait, there's more. 
This season I bought the beautiful bright pink jacket from city chic. It has definitely been a good investment. On regular rotation for work , it give a professional look without being drab. In homage to missing last weeks post on stripes, I have paired it with my favour item harlow scuba skirt and a striped top from city chic. 
My glitter toe cap shoes get another outing with this. And the belt makes a huge difference
I love pink and stripes. What a combination.

Check out the rest of the Aussie curves women. They have some treat styling going on.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Aussie Curves Tee

Who would have thought that a simple thing like a T-shirt would challenge my sense of style?
But I have to be honest. Probably the first T-shirt I owned was one of those bonds high necked polycotton numbers that clung in all the wrong places and was cut the same for boys and girls which meant it was too loose on the top and too tight on the bottom for me.
Never could rock the white T-shirt rock chick vibe.
As I have learned how to dress my body in a way that I enjoy, I have found how to adapt that Tee. Lower cut neck for a start. Preferably V but not essential. A cotton blend is always better for me in the Sydney heat. And some kind of treatment of the front so that it is not just flat.
So band T-shirts are not my thing. I am in great admiration of the Aussie Curves women who can rock a band T but they do nothing for me.
Today's Tee was a quick purchase in Perth in late August.  You know how you can travel across the country for a long weekend and watch the forecast. 18 to 20C was the expectation so layers and winterish clothing was packed. After all it was still Winter!  And when I arrived it was 26C and rising.
Thank goodness for TS14plus in Subiaco. I always pop in when I am over there and they had just started putting out their spring and summer collection. This Tee ticked the boxes.
Black and white/ graphic. V neck and gathered front in cotton blend for comfort. Tick, tick tick.

The top goes with Black and white bottoms as well but I love red and these shorts were purchased yesterday from the TS outlet store sale. Last year's stock but they are my preferred length of short. I already had the black and bought the white, red and cobalt yesterday. Starting at $89.95 they came down to $29 with discounts. Score!
The necklace is also TS. It keeps on giving a pop that I love.
Playing with blurry camera effects.

There are some lovely Tshirt outfits on the blog hop. Take a look.
Thanks for viewing and feel free to leave nice comments.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aussie Curves Peplum

The women at Aussie Curves have been showing off their peplum fancies this week.
It's one of those " Rules of Fashion" that I have to rebel against because I remember wearing peplums in the 80s a few times but this most recent trend has been huge and I am loving it. 
It's so lovely to have a fashion option which give me an illusion of a waist. The different options are wonderful.

Here is a photo of a peplum I bought from ASOS. It was way too big when I took the shot

I've cut it up and resewed it , taking in the seams by about 2 inches so watch this space to see the new improved version. I'm pretty happy with it

You can see the skirt is shorter and the top a little more snug

A different belt of more flattering

And here it is without the belt. The skirt is the wonderful scuba skirt by Harlow and the shoes my trusty glitter cap shoes from Evans. 
Thanks to Jo from I curvy for the photo app tips. I am becoming more self sufficient with my shoots now even tough I much prefer the gorgeous shots we get when my daughter is inclined to be my photographer. 
Check out the other Aussie Curvettes. They have done a great job this week