Sunday, December 23, 2012

Aussie Curves Bling

The girls at Aussie Curves have been at it again. This week's theme is "Bling"
Now I'm not opposed to a bit of bling but it can be tricky. Work in the wrong place it can emphsise curves we may not particularly want to emphasise. But I had no trouble choosing an outfot for this week's post.
I've already work it to two Cristmas parties this year.
17 Sundays are on a winner with this Melon Sherbet cocktail dress. The sheer overlay with the glomesh type insert is gorgeous and brings the right ammount of bling to an occasion but the dress itself is on a natural fabric so that it breathes. You have no idea how comfortable it is. Feels like you are cheating by wearing a sun dress to a cocktail party.
It was nice to add my Pandora bracelt to the outfit as a necklace just takes away from the bodice.

Now "Tis the season" and all that so DD and I did a little artistic Christmas portrait play the other day. And my dress was the perfect outfit I think. She really is a talented amateur photographer in my mind and you should have seen how excited she was setting up my clothes line with fairy lights to give us this background.
Just in case you didnt get enough bling, try wearing fairy lights as your necklace. They burn if you are not careful enough.
 Just love this dress. Going to get my moneys worth here.
We tried to get my pretty sparkly shoes from Evans but the grass ate up the sparkle.
Heres to wish anyone who reads this blog a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year. I have a lot of change ahead for me which will take a lot of energy but I am looking forward to some new beginnings. I hope the new year brings blessings and growth, Peace and Happiness.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aussie Curves Orange

I have to say that some of the Aussie curves challenges seem impossible to me. And orange is one of those themes. I have never worn orange successfully in my life! It is simply not a "cool summer" colour. I had decided that the only way to participate was to colour my toenails orange. They would be far enough away from my face to get away with it.
Somehow I felt I was chickening out. After all we are supposed to be pushing the boundaries right?
So yesterday I went shopping to my local Myer. I love the TS girls at Hurstville and had a nice chat. But wandered off into the rest of the plus size section which has been improved recently. And what did I spy?
Is it orange enough? This beautiful dark corally, watermelony, orangey fabric?
Did you know that Leona Edmiston makes clothes for plus sized ladies now? And they are just reworked dresses from her normal collection rejigged for our more generous bodies?
I had to try it on.
It drapes beautifully and feels cool despite today's humidity. The detailing of the pleats in the front is lovely.
I had to pair it with my pearl necklace. I know retro right? But a pearl necklace was just the present every girl wanted when she turned 21 in the 1980s. Mine doesnt get work by me that much anymore although the oldest DD with the retro touch in her fashion choices drags it out every now and then. She however is not sure of the colour on me.
What do you think?
I can see this being a good work dress or even nicer, a dress for being a lady who lunches. Can you?

dress Leona Edmiston for Myer It was on special and doesnt seem to be on their web page anymore.
Shoes Target.
Watch Emporio Armani mens collection
This is a blog hop. See what the other awesome women of curve are doing with the theme. And be generous with your comments to all.

Aussie Curves Dark

I would have thought a theme of Dark would be easy for this plus sized woman. After all much of my wardrobe is black. But that's just the thing. How do you choose the one dark outfit that most represents you?
In the end I chose this lovely dress from SWAK.

 I think this hugs my curves well. Perhaps a little too well but it is my body after all and I have to love it. I love the V neck of this dress and the length.
 Believe it or not I did a smoky eye makeup for this photo. But my eyes are quite hooded and we were in a hurry to catch the light. I originally applied a very red lipstick but decided the frosted rose was a better match.
I love this balcony in my house. Going to miss it when I move.
This is a blog hop and there are some great looks and stories that the others have posted. Check them out. And, as always, comments are welcome.