Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Aussie Curves Feminine

So sad that I have missed recent challenges. Green, spike and  leather were all challenges I could have done but didn't because of time and the fact that DD is the best photographer in the house and she was busy writing essays for uni.
Feminine was initially a challenge in my head. I think of feminine as creamy lace, pearls, florals and frills. Not really my style. Don't get me wrong, I dressed my kids in beautiful hand made by me smocked dresses and have made some lacy Christening gowns in silk but when it come to what I wear, pastels just don't do it for me.
But then I realised my style has changed quite a lot and the majority of what I wear is feminine. When I started my current job over 10 years ago one of the (male) partners made a comment about how I never wore skirts. And he was right. My look was pretty much loose pants and t-shirt type tops with drapey vests or jackets over the top. And I made a lot of my clothes too because there was much less plus size clothing around.  But in recent years choices are so much better. And I wouldn't like to admit how many skirts I own but I wear skirts and dresses twice as often as pants. What a pity that partner is no longer working to enjoy the view! Yes I know pretty politically incorrect wasn't it.
So this outfit is a result of the recent City Chic sale.
I noticed the top the week it came into the store and loved the red colour in the ponti fabric with the drapey sleeves but was reluctant to pay full price. So glad it was in the sale and in my size.
And the skirt is, believe it or not, the ponti pencil skirt that everyone has been raving about. It is fairly high waisted and I am short waisted so it naturally falls high on my waist for me. I don't mind the outcome because it creates the illusion that I am wearing an empire line dress and I can swap the colours of the tops depending on my mood.
The belt is from Asos and I like the girly bow.
Don't you just love the texture of this paperbark tree?

So I just had to wear my pearls. They are the real thing. ( a 21st birthday present a century ago )
Curls tamed courtesy of my lovely hairdresser today.
I tried to get my earrings in the shot but my curls got in the way.

Thanks to my gorgeous girl for the photos.
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