Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aussie Curves Black and White

This week's theme is Black and White. Now anyone who knows me knows I have a lot of black and white in my wardrobe. It is born of necessity because for ever and ever plus sized clothes have been very limited in the palette to black, black and black. Because, after all, black is considered flattering. And it is flattering to lots of people but mainly people with a winter colouring to their skin and I am more of a summer girl. So White with a splash of red brings my blacks to life.

I even planned a whole travel wardrobe around black, white and red during a trip to Europe 2 years ago which made a very functional travel wardrobe.

Yes, it's the Colosseum.

But not many photos of that time have me in them for other reasons. It was a great trip but not a great time in my life. And I wasn't too keen on getting in front of the camera. I had many lessons of self acceptance to learn.
On to today.
I love pops of colour now and will take the chance to wear them frequently but there is still the drift towards the black and white when I am out shopping. They can be relied on to look good and not too out there for work.Combine them in a stripe and you could say " you had me at Hello.
So when this chevron stripe skirt came out from City Chic I knew I had to have it.

 I already had the peplum top from Asos but hadn't worn it yet.
I love the combination.
Still need to work on my poses though.
Check out this necklace from TS. I was shopping today and had gone into town to get something specifically from the Virtue catalogue. Unfortunately it wasn't in yet but this necklace spoke to me and said it would finish off my Black and White outfit for this week.
Just one final comment. I applied some pretty significant eye makeup for tonight's shoot. I cant believe how much the lights wash it out. You can hardly tell apart from the brow shaping courtesy of the benefit brow bar earlier today. Gonna have to work on this in the future.
This is a blog hop and as usual I am skipping in at the last minute. Now go and check out the other wonderful Aussie and New Zealand curvettes.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Aussie Curves: the swimsuit edition

Well I have to admit, like many of the other Aussie curves bloggers, this one was the one I faced with most trepidation. I have no problem getting into a swimsuit and in to the water. It is much easier now that I have a backyard pool but even before then, the experience of being in water is just too good to miss out on.

One of my favorite pastimes as a young person was to get into the surf and jump up and down in the waves. The feeling of cold salt water on the skin so refreshing on hot summer days. Of course, with my fair skin it had to be at either end of the day but I was lucky enough to live VERY close to the beach so heading down twice a day in the holiday was not an issue. And I NEVER had a bikini body. So I had to deal with it. Once you are in the water who cares anyway?

But putting it out there on the internet. That is another thing.

I have been bullied in a swimsuit. At our local public swimming pool I would go past young men as I kept an eye on my children and hear comments about whale and fat. It did upset me quite a lot. But then I thought who are you to stop me and my children from being in the water? In my line of work I encourage many people to enjoy the healing power of exercising in water and have heard so many times of the shame of exposing an overweight body in a swimsuit to the world. My answer? It's their problem. They can choose not to look at you but how dare they stop you from enjoying being active in water.

So even though I do not set a good example by keeping my weight under control. I choose to engage in life and not let my weight make that life any smaller than it has to be. So here it is. If you have got this far in my blurb you can now see the pics.

swimsuit Target, sunglasses Equip

I love a colorful suit. They are hard to come by in plus size but I like the crossover feature of this one. It is my favorite style because it feels secure in the surf.

A pashmina for a sarong goes double duty for sitting on the sand and keeping covered up at the beach.

But I have another cossie that makes me feel glam. So I decided to bling it up and channel the retro glamour that a cruise inspires. This Tankini from Citi chic is gorgeous. Even though I am not extremely well endowed in the bust department it gives a lot of shape. The bottoms are from Ezibuy the Sara range.
Swimsuit City Chic, necklace and hat Eumundi Markets. lipstick Maybelline
A nice wide brimmed hat and my lovely red shell necklace which I have worn before on Aussie curves and we complete the picture.
I must say I never wear red lipstick in the pool but this suit kind of demands it. Makes my backyard pool seem like it is somewhere dreamy. Now all I need is the lounge chair, the cocktail and the partner to share it with.

Phew, that's done. Now be nice in the comments and check out the other brave, gorgeous Aussie Curves women in our blog hop.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Aussie Curves Purple

Once again I am going right up to the deadline for a theme post. This week's Aussie Curves theme is Purple. Now I love purple but I find it hard to wear. There are so many different shades, some pinker than others and it is hard to match them or to layer. The purple I like is the very royal almost blue purple so imagine my joy when I recently walked into Autograph and found this little beauty.
I've styled it with a belt here to dress it down a little. This way I think it will be great for work.
But take the belt away and use a black background because the daughter says the yellow background washes me out and we get this

I dont even mind showing my arms in this dress. And I have to say I am still loving these Evans glitter toe cap shoes.
This outfit makes me smile.

Excuse the funny look but I am trying to show you I played with some purple eye shadow. Sephora in New York had a coffret with 100 shadow and blush colours. I bought one each for my girls. At $50 a pop I thought it made a good gift. So I borrowed one to play for myself. I am usually just a natural brown shadow girl so it was nice to be playful today.
As usual, this is a blog hop. And lots of the Aussie Curves girls have put together some great outfits. Check them out