Sunday, November 18, 2012

Aussie Curves Strapless

I wonder what kind of giggling went on when the lovely women who dreamed up the Aussie Curves challenge set the tasks. I think they knew what they were doing when they wanted to push our limits. But it must have been a hoot when someone yelled" I know, let's do strapless".
I do not know a single large woman who likes wearing strapless. I do know a lovely curvy young dancer who loves strapless. Especially if that means corset. But her mother is acutely aware of the slopy shoulder dilemma that means strapless emphasises her apple tendency. I dont really have a problem with my arms. Its just the shouldersok?
Never the less I have two wonderful skirts by TS14 plus that lend themselves to a dress conversion. The red one has already been featured in an Aussie Curves challenge for skirts so I have used the other one.
The belt is from Autograph and the shoes from Rivers. I think the necklace is Autograph last season.
Strapless doesnt mean you cant wear sleeves though right?
So I would prefer to team my skirt/dress with this lovely light mesh shrug from Autograph.
It's the line thing. The opening of the shrug gives a vertical line. Always good on a round body.
But just for fun, lets show some shoulder girls
My oldest likes the cheekiness of this one.
Thanks for reading. Comments are always welcome.
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Aussie Curves pastel

I love these Aussie Curves challenges. But sometimes I just want to go with what I know works for me. 10 years ago I "had my colours done". And there were very few pastels in my palette. Stronger deeper colours match my skin and hair and light eyes better.Interestingly, the colours that I had always struggled with were not on my palette. I had worked it out pretty well without the expert's help.
But I wanted to try. Even put my money where my mouth is and bought a dress that I would love to look good in.Sadly I just dont think it suits me.I have tried to make it work in 3 different permutations but the girls agree. I can do better.
But before I send this lovely dress back for somene else to buy and look gorgeous in, I will share it with you. Because we have to play and take risks even if it doesnt always work.

 However, I do love this new necklace. It is pastel and I wouldnt have bought it if we werent tryng pastels this week. So lets see what we can make work.
I bought this swimming coverup to wear as a summer dress. I think it looks great with a camisole and leggings underneath. It is going to be a very comfortable outfit for summer BBQs. The neutral colours lend themselves to all sorts of different accesory options. This time the pastel ones.
To add to the pastels I paired the necklace with some statement pastel ear rings.

I'm pretty happy with this second outfit. Thanks Aussie Curves for pushing my comfort zone. I guess I just have to know where to push to and where to stop.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Aussie Curves, Polka dot

I didnt think I was going to get this one published in time. But, ever the last minute girl, I might just make it.
This week's challenge is polka dot. I like them but dont have too many examples. And both currently in my wardrose are the same colour. I think I might avoid them because they make me think of Minnie Mouse. But Aussie Curves is here to stretch us so here we go.