Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aussie Curves Stripes

There are a lot of supposed "rules" for over sized girls. All designed to somehow "flatter" us. Wear lots of black is one of them. And another is "never wear stripes"
Well we women at Aussie Curves are here to disprove the theories. So this week's theme is "stripes".
I love stripes. Have quite a few pieces in the wardrobe. The most recent is this lovely Jacket from City Chic.
It's called Jailbird and it's made of ponte which is a nicely weighted knit material. Very comfortable to wear and great for adding that extra layer to give something a bit of class. I love that I can wear it to work or with jeans.
I didn't get to participate in the Red challenge so today I am wearing my red Sara jeans with a ballet tank from Virtue ( last years collection ) and a red necklace from TS14 plus. Red is my fallback colour.
Love this jacket. It is coming with me to the big apple.
On a side note. It is a big challenge for me to post these photos. The person I see in the mirror is not the person I see in the pics. The person in the mirror is much slimmer. It is like the reverse of the eating disorder when a skinny girl sees a fat one in the mirror. But the photos show the real me so posting them is a step towards accepting myself. This is who I am. Only I have the power to change it. If I choose. But the first step is to accept myself right now and work towards the person I want to be inside and out. Big changes have happened in my life in the last 2 years. Some initially looked to be very disappointing but they have led to a lot of personal growth and a huge amount of self acceptance. The inside of me is much happier. Just have to reconcile the outside. Thanks to all in Aussie Curves for the accepting community you are. It makes a difference.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Aussie Curves, Tribal

Last week's theme was Sparkle. I would have thought I could do that but I had nothing so took a week out.
But this week's theme at Aussie Curves is Tribal. And I'm excited.
A few weeks ago I was asked to walk for my local TS14 plus store's Spring catalogue launch. I didnt wear this piece but loved it. It is actually designed to be worn as an overdress with a swimming costume for the beach. I guess that's what I love about TS. You can restyle and combine different elements from different seasons to get your own look. So, team mesh beach dress with last year's basic body dress and this is what you get.
I love this print. It reminds me of a Zebra. But not too animal print because that not really my thing. The sides can be ruched up to make it shorter or a top. And my red necklace? Thanks TS. It goes with nearly everything in my wardrobe, is not too heavy and I love it.
Cant decide whether to ear it with a belt or without?

Noe I'm not usually the most playful of people and this kind of post is way out of my comfort zone but here are a couple of fun shots.
Well its tribal. Lets be silly.
This is a blog hop. Have fun seeing what the other stylish curvy girls are up to. But before you go leave a comment. This is new for me and I am being brave.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Aussie Curves, my first time

Since a major change in my life last year I have been paying more attention to my clothes. As part of that I have been looking for inspiration in other plus sized lady's blogs and there are some wonderful examples out there. Just recently a new group has started posting a weekly blog hop. It's called Aussie Curves and there is such a lovely feel ammongst the group that I decided to have a go and join in.
I have missed some of the themse that would have been easy for me. Boots, yes mam, every day in winter. Leggings, sure. My best friends. Red. Are you kidding? Nearly every day this colour gets a look in for me. But this last week the challenge has been copy cat celebrity. What a challenge!
Not many celebs are my kind of size. But I realised that was not the point. The point was to channel something in a celebrity that we can use in our own fashion.
A feature I like about myself is my hair. It is naturally curly and doesnt require much to look good other than a really good cut and some product when it is washed. So I decided to look for a celeb with short curly blonde hair and an attitude to match.
Enter Kim Cattrall
I like her low key style. Statement lips and attitude. And It helps that I have a red dress.
So here is my attempt
And here is the full length
The dress is from Kiyonna and the shoes are from Rivers.
Heres to taking a risk and putting it out there.
Watch out for the next one. Sparkle!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

South Pacific Australian Opera Production

At its best, musical theatre not only entertains but takes the viewer on a journey and pokes, ever so gently, at our preconceptions, perhaps asking us to reconsider. Or it helps to develop a sense of something bigger or a deeper understanding of a current issue without necessarily "beating us over the head with it". Many pieces belong to their time, having been powerful statements when first written but losing some of the brilliance as they date and become less relevant.

Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific was in danger of being just a cute retro revival. I wondered if it would be more than that as we headed in to see it. Excited about the cast, I was, never the less not expecting to have that sense of something deeper. Who would have thought that a musical set in WW2 and first performed in 1949 would resonate with a 2012 audience? What a delightful surprise to have been wrong.

One of the deliights of seeing an Australian opera production of musical theatre is that you can expect it to be well sung. This was the experience with MY Fair Lady  a few years ago and again today. Not a single jarring note of slight off key was heard and the men's chorus were so strong that you could start to hear the harmonics above the chorus.  Then add the leads and not one of them disappointed.

Teddy Tahu Rhodes always brings his powerful voice and magnificent physique to his roles but this is the first truly romantic lead I have seen him in. And I want more! IT was the first production of South Pacific I had seen where I truly understood why Nellie Forbush had fallen in love with an older gentleman. A girl could swoon into that voice. Not to mention his stalking, leonine charisma!

Lisa McCune brought all of her considerable talent to the role. We all knew she could act but the dancing and the singing were equally strong. Her voice was versatile, Lighht and lyric at times but also deeply passionate. Her dancing brought the playful energy we expect from Nellie Forbush. The character was well drawn and believable.

The exciting new tenor, Daniel Koek's Lt Cable had the song of the night with " You've Got to be Carefully Taught ". Yes Some Enchanted Evening and Wash that Man are running through my head still but it was Cable's song that had the turning point for me and it was this song that brought the production to relevance today. How sad that a song about racism that was so controversial in the 1950s still has such relevance here in 2012. He could easily have been singing about our own ocean travellers in search of a new home. It seems not much has changed.
Of course Kate Cebrano and Eddie Perfect provided talented comic relief as Bloody Mary and Luther Billis and were fabulous. I enjoyed Katre's characterisation of Bloody Mary and her rendition of Bali Hai. Eddie Perfect combined wonderful bravado and pathos in his Billis. The man is a gem.

Overall this was a much sexier version of South Pacific. The powerful chemistry between the leads and the exploration of subtext were all the better for it. It was a most enjoyable production and worthy of the standing ovation it didnt get. I will be buying tickets to see it again next year.

Time for a change

My poor old blog has been neglected. A week worth of memories in Paris is lost because I didnt publish and no further blogs posted because the perfectionist in me says you must complete the travel blog first. Well enough I say.
So many wonderful experiences in the last year. I have travelled to Perth a few times and seen so much good theatre. It is time to start bloggin again. Then I will have memories of an interesting life.
So my little blog is going to have a rebirth I hope. Not only will I document any travel I may undetake but any lovely experiences at home will also make their way here.
Strp in. I hope you will find it interesting