Saturday, September 28, 2013

Aussie Curves Tee

Who would have thought that a simple thing like a T-shirt would challenge my sense of style?
But I have to be honest. Probably the first T-shirt I owned was one of those bonds high necked polycotton numbers that clung in all the wrong places and was cut the same for boys and girls which meant it was too loose on the top and too tight on the bottom for me.
Never could rock the white T-shirt rock chick vibe.
As I have learned how to dress my body in a way that I enjoy, I have found how to adapt that Tee. Lower cut neck for a start. Preferably V but not essential. A cotton blend is always better for me in the Sydney heat. And some kind of treatment of the front so that it is not just flat.
So band T-shirts are not my thing. I am in great admiration of the Aussie Curves women who can rock a band T but they do nothing for me.
Today's Tee was a quick purchase in Perth in late August.  You know how you can travel across the country for a long weekend and watch the forecast. 18 to 20C was the expectation so layers and winterish clothing was packed. After all it was still Winter!  And when I arrived it was 26C and rising.
Thank goodness for TS14plus in Subiaco. I always pop in when I am over there and they had just started putting out their spring and summer collection. This Tee ticked the boxes.
Black and white/ graphic. V neck and gathered front in cotton blend for comfort. Tick, tick tick.

The top goes with Black and white bottoms as well but I love red and these shorts were purchased yesterday from the TS outlet store sale. Last year's stock but they are my preferred length of short. I already had the black and bought the white, red and cobalt yesterday. Starting at $89.95 they came down to $29 with discounts. Score!
The necklace is also TS. It keeps on giving a pop that I love.
Playing with blurry camera effects.

There are some lovely Tshirt outfits on the blog hop. Take a look.
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  1. Looks great on you

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Samara. This is a real life outfit. It will get worn a lot

  3. Nothing like knowing your style and working it Martine! Great look.

    1. Thanks Melissa. You are the mistress of knowing your style and rocking it